UPMC Conference on Accelerating Stakeholder-Driven PCOR/CER in a Learning Health System


How Research Can Transform the Delivery of Healthcare: UPMC Conference Highlights Accelerating Patient-Centered and Comparative Effectiveness Research in Learning Health Systems

Keynote speaker is PCORI Executive Director Dr. Joe V. Selby. A livestream option is available.

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Why Health Systems Must Learn How to Learn

To provide the best quality health care for patients, health systems need to incorporate evidence-based practices into their daily processes. And doing that successfully requires continuous learning.

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The Key to Building a Learning Health System? Patient-Centered Outcomes Research

Creating a learning health system is essential for value-based, patient-centered care. But starting any transformation initiative can be daunting. Patient-centered outcomes research is one of the best ways to build the foundations of a successful learning health system and quickly translate conclusions to every-day care practice.

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